Thank you for choosing Xtreme Fun Center. We want you to have a great time having fun with your child on their special day. Below are some common questions that parents usually have.

• Can I book my birthday party online?
Yes, click the “Book Now” Button in the lower right.

• Do the birthday child’s parents play free laser tag?
Mom and Dad of the birthday child get to play FREE in every Laser Tag game. If you do not want to play, just let another parent take your spot.

• Are my Laser Tag Games Private?
All Laser Tag games will combine birthday parties and walk-ins of similar age and ability. We do not offer private laser tag games.

• How long is a game of laser tag?
The process takes approximately 15 minutes each session.

• Does my party include unlimited soda for everyone?

No. The unlimited soda is for your guests included in the package, plus the guest of honor’s Parents. If you would like to add unlimited soda for parents you may do so for $25.00. If you only have a few parents, we will gladly sell individual cups for unlimited soda. An automatic charge of $25.00 will be added to your bill if this policy is ignored.

• Can I bring in my own birthday cake or any outside food?
You may bring in your own birthday cake with the purchase of a party package only! We do not allow any other outside food into Xtreme Fun Center.

• Can adults play Laser Tag with the birthday party?
Adults and kids who are not included in the birthday package are welcome to play! Simply send them up to the front counter or ask your host to put it on your bill (Only 30 can people play in each laser tag session).

• Should we leave a tip for our Party Host/Hostess?
A 15% Gratuity is automatically added.

• Can I bring in Cupcakes, cake or anything else to celebrate a birthday if I do not book a party package?
Unfortunately, no. Guests who book a birthday party package pay for the ability of bringing in a cake. If you do not book a party package you cannot bring your own cake/etc in.

• Can I walk in and book a birthday party package the same day?
The short answer is no, (with some exceptions based on bookings). We want to  provide you with the best service possible, and that may not be available day of. All parties must be booked 72 hours in advanced online, or by calling with at least 24 hours advance notice. If you choose to walk in and book a party, we cannot guarantee availablity, table space or provide you with a party coordinator.


If you have any additional questions during your event, please speak with your host/hostess or a shift supervisor. Thanks again for choosing Xtreme Fun Center to host your special event!