Batting Cage/Arcade Pricing

Xtreme Fun Center has more than just the Tampa Bay area's largest laser tag arena: our indoor batting cages and huge arcade, are also worth the visit!



Having a tough time making contact with the ball? Striking out too much? Need to improve your swing? Maybe you just want to take out some stress hitting a ball and have some fun?

What are you waiting for? Come to Xtreme Fun Center and use our indoor batting cages! We have four indoor batting cages with different speeds:

  • 1 Slow Pitch Baseball 35-40 MPH
  • 2 Medium Pitch Baseball 45-50 & 55-60 MPH
  • 1 Fast Pitch Baseball 65-70 MPH
  • 1 Medium Pitch Softball 50-55 MPH
  • 2 Slow Pitch Softball



Shooter, drivers, and more are ready for you to get your game on! Craving prizes? Tackle the challenge and win more tickets than you can count! Use your tickets to win prizes and candy after play or save your ticket receipts for even bigger prizes! 

Our Batting Cages now share "credits" with our Arcade Card System. Each Batting Cage cost "4 Credits".


(On Thursdays during our "Half Price Games" Special, our Batting Cages are only 2 Credits! 5pm-8pm Only)


Each Round 12 - 15 Pitches

$1 = 4 Credits
$5 = 24 Credits
$10 = 48 Credits
$20 = 96 Credits
$35 = 200 Credits
$50 = 320 Credits